Case Studies

Because Kipp & Associates delivers interventions founded upon the universal truths that govern organizational performance, we have achieved results in virtually every sector and industry.

A select set of examples appears below.

Please note: We generally do not match case studies with the organization’s name on our public website for confidentiality purposes. However, we are often able to accommodate potential clients who are interested in additional details about past successes.


Business Model Refinement


Situation: A specialty software firm repositioned their company from “”shrink wrapped” products distributed via mass channels to web-based products for more lucrative segments.

Result: The company achieved a capital infusion 5x current sales within 10 months of our intervention.


Situation: A $500 million insurance carrier stalled after a decade of growth. We institute a comprehensive board development program and a scenario-planning initiative, which surface both practical and ideological issues impeding growth.

Result: The company transformed growth to $1 billion in 24 months.



Situation: A $6 billion pharmaceutical firm faced declining profits, limited prospects for growth and leadership turnover in a $70 million division.  Kipp & Associates initiated an engagement around strategy, helping the firm reposition into alternate drug delivery systems, exiting other business lines and reallocating both scientific and channel management resources to new thrust.

Result: Sales grew 30%. Margins improved steadily over two-year period


Capacity to Perform


Situation: A top-50 bank holding company aspired to grow at a 4x multiple of U.S. Gross National Product (GNP) but lacked  managerial depth . Kipp & Associates designed and conducted leader development program by giving innovative stretch assignments to its next-generation leaders.

Results: Revenues and margins for these initiatives rivaled that of core lines within 36 months. One of the assignments accounted for 40% of new business by the third year.


Situation: A $6 healthcare organization, involving 4,000 leaders, lacked the requisite leadership development strategy and internal process to grow or retain talent. We developed a 3-tier leadership initiative, identified high-potential talent and activates systems to sustain talent.

Result: Resolved issues that had encumbered the organization for more than a decade. The 3-year timeline for the initiative was realized in 9 months.


Situation: A multi-franchise food service operator developed a proprietary pattern-recognition system based on point-of-purchase data. The technology enhanced core strategy but created management deficits in implementation. Furthermore, it generated a totally new line of business – an unintended consequence. We simultaneously helped the organization spin off the new line of business while shaping a more sophisticated management aptitude for all lines of business.

Result: Achieved 2-point margin improvement (on average) by realizing the full benefit of the technology. The company rolled out out the program to more than 1,200 outlets as a separate business line, above and beyond those owned by the founder, enjoying a robust new revenue stream as a result.   


Execution Against Objectives


Situation: A disjointed Mexico City-based telephony start-up was unable to implement a consistent, competitively priced offering due to cultural grid-lock among stakeholders.  Kipp & Associates developed cross-cultural intervention, helping the organization revise its business plan for incubation period.

Results: The company became operational in 10 months and sold 28,000 lines at target margins within 2 years.


Situation: An international food manufacturer faced newly merged businesses, decreasing margins and excess capacity. Our engagement created enterprise-wide alignment through board leadership development, strategy formation, team-based systems and the corresponding leadership culture, manufacturing and marketing link. The intervention involved successively larger constitute groups, culminating in an 1,800-person summit.

Result: Firm achieved dominant share of market in 24 months.


Situation: Mergers and acquisitions joined 11 telecommunications companies together. They were unable to grow market share, reduce turnover, systematize across organization lines and exercise leadership required for successful strategy implementation. We helped develop a cross-functional leadership group with oversight responsibility for 25 initiatives; identify and target training programs; recommended large group interventions and design elements required to execute.

Result: Decreased turnover 13% in all units, which totaled 13,000 employees overall. Created internal systems to complement marketing positions, since the company has one of the most highly recognized logos across multiple industries.