Executive Coaching

Managers, leaders and especially ‘C ‘ suite executives need more than just a confidant. They need a goal-directed, time-sensitive guide who is attuned to both individual needs and organizational requirements.

Few coaches understand the interplay of these needs and requirements as we do.

Our approach is grounded in more than 40 years of experience and conversations with more than 2,500 individuals about what work, life and leadership mean to them.  It also includes first-hand experience in both senior executive and governance roles.

Whether launching, redirecting or capping a career, ours is a confidential and comprehensive partnership oriented to the uniqueness of the individual and the organization he or she inhabits. Our goal is to identify and leverage the attributes required for fulfillment, success and significance.We coach for leadership, uncovering both the leader within and the leadership dynamic within the organization. 

People navigate their career around their aspirations, support system, mindsets and relative strengths.  How they see themselves weighs heavily on their success; how they conduct themselves is critical to organizational performance, personal well-being and their relationship with others.

Our protocol is augmented with a profile of cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and motivations. Downstream follow-up considers goal attainment as well as substantive changes in context, behavior and personal awareness.

Our coaching clients can expect a clearer sense of how they add most value, where their approach to tasks and relationships might limit their success and what challenges bring out their authentic “best.”