Companies struggling with a turnaround or seeking recapitalization require a fresh perspective to achieve the best possible outcome. In these cases, the value proposition that carried the company to its present state is insufficient to support the future it desires.

At Kipp & Associates, we partner with stakeholders to establish the candor, clarity and resolve needed for a turnaround, infusion or orderly dissolution. We begin with an understanding of current status and prospects for the future.  We take a fresh look at the value chain and the dynamics of the host industry.  We profile alternative scenarios.

This provides the basis for immediate observations and insights together with a co-created pattern of actions.  We focus on generating a robust fact-base together with a careful review of the business model and its variations.

In doing so, we look for new ways to engage the stakeholder community to every extent possible – ownership, creditors, suppliers, channel partners and associates at all levels – in the selection and pursuit of a path forward.

We can help.

Kipp & Associates has helped many organizations find favorable results in uncertain situations.

A large pharmaceutical firm faced declining profits , limited prospects for growth and leadership turnover in one of its divisoins.  Kipp & Associates initiated an engagement around strategy, helping the firm reposition into alternate drug delivery systems, exiting other business lines and reallocating both scientific and channel management resources to new thrust.

 Sales grew 30%. Margins improved steadily over two-year period


A software company needed to re-position its from selling shrink-wrapped commodity products to offering web-based software. After our engagement, the company was sold at a total price of 5x annual revenues.


Our clients can attest:

We have been in the feast or famine cycle for so long that I’m convinced we never would have seen the alternatives or restructured for them without Kipp & Associates’ highly inventive way of guiding us through our situation and prospects for the future.  Their attention to detail after the fact made sure nothing fell between the cracks.

L. James Newman, Jr., President, Birdair Corporation


Kipp & Associates’ assistance to our company during the transition, the review of strategic intent and into our reorganization was invaluable; their help to me as a first-time president…priceless.

Karen Olson, CEO, privately held medical manufacturer