There is no group in organizational life whose actions can so profoundly influence the survival, success and significance of an organization as its governing board.

A board whose role is too expansive, too ceremonial or too difuse, however, can hamstring the organization it hopes to serve.

At Kipp & Associates, we focus on those few, but exceptional, opportunities for directors to add value: developing the CEO, resolving questions of identity and direction, responding to crises, ensuring compliance and exercising vigilance around stakeholder interests.

We believe that boards govern best when they establish clear boundary conditions and rules of engagement among themselves and with executive leadership.

It works. 

We have seen the value that effective governance can bring first hand as advisors and from both sides of the table.

Directors of 30,000 member professional association confronted the dilemma of all-consuming commitments to traditional member service portfolio. Meanwhile, the host industry underwent a sea change driven by new technology and regulatory shifts.  We helped the board and executive director craft transition strategy involving augmented directorate, vendor-supported pilot projects and phased exit of legacy activities


A non-profit agency for multiply disabled encountered significant evaporation of funding streams following major commitments for expansion.  Orderly dissolution plan developed for board and overseen during execution over subsequent months resulting in successful asset sale and transfer of responsibilities without interruption of services.


Our clients agree:

I look back with admiration on your assistance with our board retreat.  Your work beforehand surfaced the issues impeding our growth; your skill conducting our review of alternative futures allowed this not-for-profit governing body to engage in a highly emotional change process and proceed with its metamorphosis to a for-profit insurer without sacrificing its fundamental values or core commitment to its oral health mission.

Robert E. Hunter DDS, CEO and President, Delta Dental Plans of Massachusetts


My thanks for your highly engaging session with our board exploring different approaches to strategy; challenging and provocative, but like a conversation in our living room.

 Danny Klinefelter, Association of Agricultural Executives


Kipp & Associates de-mystifies strategy and business innovation with frameworks that ensure fact-based development of both people and products. They are practical, entertaining and inspiring…the kind of guidance that leads a board to the right mix of compliance and value-creation.

Lead director, publicly traded retail chain