Transformational Change (By Design)

At some point, every organization is faced with the need to change on purpose. This change must go beyond a recasting of strategy in order to create the next wave of success.

Organizations that are under-performing on their best intentions need to quickly identify the impediments to performance and attack their root causes. As systems, though, organizations never function as the sum-of-their-parts. So, managing change by rearranging priorities or realligning teams just doesn’t work.

At Kipp & Associates we prefer to begin with an understanding of the group’s overall aspirations — and the accompanying issues. We profile the current state of personal and organizational performance. We take a fresh look at the value chain and the dynamics of the host industry.

From there, we focus on a heightened level of accountability, better execution and an enhanced capacity for managerial control. In doing so, we strive to engage the whole system to every extent possible – suppliers, buyers, channel partners and associates at all levels – in the creation and co-direction of their future.


Change Works

Kipp & Associates has helped more than 100 clients effectively manage change.

A Mexico City-based telephony start-up was unable to implement a consistent, competitively priced offering due to cultural grid-lock among stakeholders.  Kipp & Associates developed cross-cultural intervention, helping the organization revise its business plan for incubation period. The company became operational in 10 months and sold 28,000 lines at target margins within 2 years.

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Our clients can attest to our work.

Kipp & Associates has the knack of bringing a diverse group of high-powered individuals to a common understanding of problems and opportunities. Our joint venture got out of the weeds and into the black under a few short months of their guidance.

Mike Coltrane, President, CT Communications


You have played a major part in the doubling of this business over the last several years. The counsel on strategy, the work with our district managers and the advice to me as CEO has been outstanding.

David Karam, President, Wendy’s International